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Seed Smart is a angel syndicates that believe that all it takes to make a great tech startups had been now decentralized from the Silicon Valley and we are not single thesis-driven.

We finance from Seed to Series A; pay attention mostly to the Team, Initial Unit Economic, Valid Business Model, Growth, Risk of Disintermediation and few others aspects.

At the end of the day, everything lies in the Team so this is why we engage in a hassle free environment with founders.

Mehdi BEDADI, Syndicate Lead

In 2017 we issued a 30 pages practical guide of everything someone should know about angel investing before to start.

Goal was to prepare a “Learn and Act” approach for anyone willing to invest in such asset class.

It’s called Seed Smart: Introduction to Angel Investing and available on Amazon.

Topics and Questions raised:

  • From an idea to an Initial Public Offer: Different Stages for a Startup.
  • What is a Business Angel?
  • How do you become a better angel than you are today ?
  • When do I get returns?
  • Calculation of Return of Investment
  • What is an early exit acquisition?
  • Private Value Creation: Why startups delays their IPOs
  • Venture Capital: How does their business works?
  • Getting your Investment Thesis with some examples
  • Define your personal budget to build your portfolio
  • Startups Fundamentals: Team, Product, Market, Traction, Moat
  • Network and Data Effects: What are they and how does platform leverage it?
  • How to prevent Users to leave a platform?
  • Understand the Financial Ecosystem
  • Capital Gains, Income Tax Relief, Exemption or Reduction
  • Valuation
  • Lessons Learned from Fabrice Grinda, Paul Buchheit and Vinod Khosla
  • Angel Syndicates: how angels can pool risk, do larger deals and extend their dealflow.


If you are an entrepreneur you can reach us here!

Don’t hesitate to send your deck or any material you think is relevant.

If you are an Angel:

  • Join us on our Seed Letter! We will send something only when we have relevant information to disclose and you can unsubscribe any time.
  • You can follow our page and kept posted on our news on LinkedIN

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